Health Assessments

We understand that you are busy. We will collect your blood sample in your home or office.

All our health screens have 15 minute GP consultation at no extra cost.

Do you worry about your health all the times ?


Iridium health checks and clinical screens will give you a clear picture of your current state of health and identify any clinical risk by early detection of diseases that are brewing up silently without any symptoms.

Don't wait till you feel unwell.

Health screens are aimed at prevention by early detection of diseases - before symptoms present themselves and hence you can be assessed and treated early.

Time is of essence.

So get a full control of your health and vitality - here at Iridium health.
We will screen you and ensure that you have the best insight into your health parameters - full blood counts and inflammation markers , kidney functions , liver health, immunity status, iron reserves, vitamin and mineral levels, vigour and vitality tests including your thyroid and sexual hormones.

Worrying about your Heart, Diabetes risk and Cholesterol levels? Worried that a heart attack or stroke is around the corner ?

We will screen your heart and do a comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment. Iridium health GPs will discuss them with you to take full control of your cardiac health by explaining the risk assessment to you. We will preempt the treatment and embark you on your long term management and monitoring and any specialist referral as needed.

Diabetes and Cholesterol are silent killers. Are you at risk ?

Iridium health screen will check your diabetes and cholesterol levels and do a full risk assessment for you. Our GPs will look into your personal risk factors and discuss them with you to put a personal monitoring and management plan in place. Health screens are crucial but should not substitute clinical examination over a period of time. Iridium Health understands that you will need to see a doctor in a face to face consultation as well. Clinical examination is important and we will offer a clinical face to face consultations in our central London clinics for you to discuss the issues with Iridium health GPs and specialists. Health screens can be reassuring, they do not test for all conditions and cannot guarantee that you are free from all diseases . Routine monitoring by health screens however can provide a detailed insight of your present health status and assess a future risk for common conditions.

Process Explained

Book your assessment
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Your blood sample collection
  • » Attend our central london partner clinic to give your sample
  • OR
  • » Our qualified staff will come to your home or office
  • OR
  • » Get a blood collection kit at home - collect yourself and post it to us in pre paid envelope
Clinical analysis

Your sample is analysed in out Central London partner clinic with world class advanced analysers

Email your results

Your results are emailed to you in a safe encrypted email for your reference and records .

GP calls you and discusses your result

Your results are interpreted by our GMC registered UK based GPs and they will call you and discuss it in 15 minutes telephonic consultation
( No additional charge - includedin the price of your package )