Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Iridium Health was conceived by doctors to provide busy people like you with fast and dependable medical, GP, and health screening services.

Yes. All our doctors are experienced and UK qualified.

You can Book Now or by telephone.

Yes. We work closely with an exclusive panel of highly qualified and widely regarded medical specialists. Most of these consultants are leaders in their respective specialities with a worldwide reputation having treated patients from all over the globe. Once we have assessed your clinical needs, we will speak to the best specialist suited for your clinical needs and you will be seen by a highly qualified consultant without further wait.

You will be seen in our Harley Street clinic.

Iridium Healthcare does not provide emergency medical services. If you have a medical emergency, please call the emergency services.

Yes, you can order a blood test or a scan without a GP consultation. A qualified GP will call you to explain and discuss your results

After you've booked a test, you will be advised to go to our partner medical lab in central London. You may also request a home visit by one of our highly-trained phlebotomists for an additional fee (only for addresses within the M25 area).

Our partner lab is one of most sophisticated and reliable in the UK and employs cutting-edge technology to analyse your blood samples.

Most blood tests are delivered by secure email the same day or within a specified time period.

We understand your worry and that's why we provide a unique service. One of our highly qualified GPs will follow up the blood test with a phone call to talk through your results with you in plain English.

No. The follow up phone call is included in the price you paid for your blood test.

We will only contact your GP with your consent.

You don’t need to bring anything, but if you have past medical history that you want to share with the doctor, we recommend you tell us to get the best from our medical care. Unless specified by the lab (for example, when fasting or an early morning sample is required), you do not need to bring anything.

Within an agreed timeframe, you will receive an encrypted email from us containing your results. The email will be followed by a phone call from from one of our GPs explaining your results.

We at Iridium Health are bound by and adhere to the strictest GDPR and patient confidentiality regulations. We take your health very seriously and unless you give us your explicit written consent, we will never reveal your health records to anyone.

When you book a GP appointment with us, you will be seen by a UK-qualified General Practitioner who will take care of your health needs. You can also book a GP phone consultation or a home visit from one of our GPs.

We understand some health issues are especially personal, and unless these worries are addressed and resolved, you won’t sleep peacefully. That's why we have devised some of the most comprehensive sexual health checks and perform them at our state-of-the art medical facilities. Your tests results are sent to you straight away and one of our highly qualified GPs will call you to explain your results in details to put your mind at rest.

Tiredness could be due to may factors. Some of them, such as hormonal imbalance or lack of iron, can be remedied by simple changes in lifestyle. We offer a range of comprehensive health assessments tailored to your needs. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us.

We understand this can be a cause for concern for a busy person like you. Here at Iridium Health, we not only offer an extensive range of tests to help find the cause of of your problem, but our UK-qualified GPs are specially trained in counselling to help you overcome your problems.

Yes. Our GPs will see you regardless of your status in the UK.

Yes. Your health records are your property and you can ask us to delete them at any time.

Yes. You can obtain a sick note from one of our GPs, once you've informed us about your illness and signed a patient declaration form. The signed sick note will delivered to you instantly by secure email.

Yes. We offer some blood tests by posts. Please call us for details. However, most of the comprehensive health assessment tests we offer require a trained phlebotomist to take your blood. This method provides the most accurate and dependable results.

Currently we offer our services in the Greater London area only. We are planning to expand our services nationwide in the future.

We are constantly expanding our range of services. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated.