cancer screening

We understand that you are busy. We will collect your blood sample in your home or office.

All our health screens have 15 minute GP consultation at no extra cost.


Iridium cancer tests are for people who are constantly worried about cancer or a certain cancer types run in their families and they want to check their own risk.

£862 - Results Reported and Discussed in 5 days

• CA 125/ HE4 blood test and/or ovarian ultrasound scan for ovarian cancer

• Chest X-ray (CXR) or MRI for lung cancer where indicated

• Faecal blood test for bowel cancer and referral for colonoscopy where indicated

• Mammogram or breast ultrasound scan for breast cancer

• PSA blood test for prostate cancer (for men over 50 years)

• Smear and HPV testing for cervical cancer

• Testicular examination and ultrasound scan for testicular cancer